Stainless Tap Handles 6

Stainless Steel, S.S., is very durable, rust resistant, scratch resistant metal that is a perfect material for tap handles. Most likely your tap tower is S.S., and your tap faucet is S.S. so it only makes sense to carry that up to your tap handle.

Stainless handles can be polished to a mirror shine or brushed with a dull sheen. We can add a pop of color to the handles by applying paint or patina to mild steel accents.


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6 thoughts on “Stainless Tap Handles

  • Jonnie Bryan


    I would like to order a custom tap handle. I need it by the end of January. What’s your turn around time and where do we start?

    Thanks for your time,
    Jonnie Bryan

    • brewhandle Post author

      Jonnie, shoot me an email at or fill in the contact form and I’ll contact you. Send any images logos or ideas you may have. 1-20 handles can usually be designed and fabricated within 1-2 weeks.
      Thanks for your interest

  • steve pribek

    Exploring our options for tap handles. Initial thoughts might be a 6-8″ shaft with round top approx. 3″ with our logo/font “Urban Harvest” on it or “Urban Harvest on the shaft and a oval piece on top that we could sticker with our individual brews. Your thoughts and maybe some rough cost estimates would be appreciated.
    Steve Pribek

  • Mike

    I am interested in possibly ordering a few tap handles for my home. I am curious to better understand the process and cost range. Can you provide me with some additional information please. Thanks.