Crooked Ladder Brewing Company 1

Located in Riverhead, Long Island NY, Crooked Ladder, came to us with for help.

They ordered tap handles from a larger tap handle company, however, their handles won’t arrive in time for the release of their first batch of beer. We helped design them a polished steel handle, which is clear coated for durability, and fabricated a 1st run of 20 handles.

The brewery had a lot of hype around there beer release and quickly need more handles. The other company was still 6 weeks out in delivering.  Brew Handle produced another 30 handles and hand delivered them to the brewery (strictly coincidental that the tasting room is attached to the brewery and was pouring delicious beer) in less than 2 weeks.

Continuing to sell great beer Crooked Ladder come to us again for another run of 30 handles.

Our polished steel handles can be seen in their tasting room


Polished steel w/
epoxy clear finish

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