Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. 5

Bissell brothers is a brand new brewery opening  in Portland, Maine.

Like Crooked Ladder, Bissell Brothers needed a small bath of handles made for there brew release.  We made them 25 Handles for there release in mid November


Other tap handle companies require large minimum order quantities. Brew Handle’s quantity pricing starts at just 10 handles.

We are proud to be part of this new micro brewery.

Steel handles with custom black dye finish

Steel handles with custom black dye finish




Bissell Brothers are doing well distributing there craft beer and required more handles. I sent them a sample of a different steel dye finish and they decided to change the next run of handle have a blue iridescent look.



* Another Update*
An order for a few more with a torched finish…no paint or dyes used to get this effect. It’s hard to get a photograph to capture the true beauty.





*New Handles*

20150329_195748-1 20150329_195935-1 20150324_195430

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